What women want

30.10.08 A stylish kitchen that is the heart and soul of the home!!!! How times have changed. Once the kitchen was a separate room where the woman (sometimes the man) of the house cooked a wonderful meal with only herself for company. The family would all be busy in different parts of the house and only come together when the meal was being served. When entertaining, friends would all sit in the formal dining room enjoying great conversations and sipping wine while once again leaving the poor ‘chef’ all alone. Now when women are house hunting one of the major requirements is a central kitchen with everything close at hand as needed. Easy to clean surfaces, innovative appliances and clutter free space so family or guests can socialize in the kitchen before sitting down for a meal. The kitchen today is where most Australians spend 50% of their waking hours, so time has come to get smart and streamline our kitchens. When house hunting I personally find that kitchens play a major part in a house a woman chooses. Most woman love the open plan feel of a kitchen where family and friends can gather for a quick cuppa and discuss the news of the day. If you are thinking of selling then give your kitchen a critical overview, sometimes just a new bench top can make a difference. Today a mix of reconstituted stone and polyurethane finishes brings glamour and a fresh new look. Or maybe you have decided to replace your kitchen before putting your home on the market, whatever your decision remember that a modern look with the latest European Stainless Steel Appliances and a 2-pac Cabinetry is one great makeover. Make no mistake, woman definitely love a modern kitchen that adds a stylish edge to a home where entertaining is easy and enjoyable. Until next week, Jocelyn Frost