The Write Stuff - 26th July, 2007

With more than 70 million web logs (or ‘blogs’) now floating about in cyberspace, the question can fairly be asked: why do we need one more? Moreover, why would you want to read a blog published by your local real estate expert? I’ll give you three quick answers and then you can go online and decide for yourself. (Please click on the ‘Expert Opinion’ blog link at ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog provides you with a timely update on property news, views and issues as seen through the eyes of someone who is living and breathing it every day. This is the information you won’t get from any newspaper and which you should have with you to make sound decisions about buying and selling. ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog is fearless. I will not shy away from the thorny issues nor simply push my own barrow. In the USA, where real estate bloggers are prolific, reputable blog sites have become an accepted source of information among buyers, sellers and the media. My aim is to use the technology to a similar end, ultimately generating lots of healthy industry discussion and debate. ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog is interactive. I respond personally to all posts and very much welcome all questions and feedback. Through my blog, you can ask the questions you’ve always wanted to throw at a real estate agent. Finally, like all bloggers, I simply want to be heard! Bookmark the ‘The Real Estate Expert’ blog today and tell me what YOU think. Until next week … Gerard Baden-Clay, Principal
Century 21 Westside